Executive Editor: Missy Herndon

Editor in Chief: Lucy Gomez

Creative Director: Jen McDonald

Managing Editor: Janelle Romano

Chief Photographer: Derrick Bryant

Contributing Photographer: Tara Flannery

Fashion Editor: Elvira Graham

Sales Manager: Cathy Mogler

Advertising Associate: Karen Cahill

Advertising Associate: Ann Ryder

Advertising Associate: Sharron Vandrick

Graphic Designer: Yanessa Berdecia

Social Media:  Janelle Romano

Writer: Karen Carroll

Writer: Mindy Jones

Writer: Carey Scasserra

Writer: Ana Beatriz Priego

Writer: Jennifer Taylor

Executive Editor: Missy Herndon began working at Interfaith of The Woodlands five years ago and now serves as the President and CEO. Missy’s love for the community and service to Interfaith contributed to her creation of The Book The Woodlands. Wanting to highlight the good of our community as well as raise funds for the programs and services of Interfaith, Missy developed the publication intended to showcase the generosity of culture here in The Woodlands in a beautifully elegant coffee table style book. She is the Executive Editor overseeing content, layout and graphics.

The Book The Woodlands is a lifestyles publication about, for, and of The Woodlands, Texas. The intent is to highlight the software of our great area, the “good” of the people who live, work and play here and the “values” that make our area unique. Simply put, The Book The Woodlands is a beautiful display of the generosity of culture, luxury, elegance and quality of The Woodlands and surrounding area.

The Book The Woodlands is a seasonal guide to the happenings, events, philanthropic and editorial interests of our neighbors. Each issue contains written selections on local and relevant topics including — Fine Arts, Philanthropy, Fashion, Faith, Culinary, Lifestyles & Community.

All proceeds from The Book The Woodlands benefit the many programs and services of Interfaith of The Woodlands. This includes helping families in crisis by providing food, clothing, mortgage and rent assistance, gas vouchers and emergency shelter. Additionally, Interfaith of The Woodlands helps Seniors remain independent and self-sufficient by providing wellness and care programs to our neighbors over 62 years of age.