Canopy: Your Second Family During the Holidays, and Year Round

“You have cancer.” Three words that will forever change your life and thrust you into a world of shock, confusion and fear. We hope the next three words you hear will change this, allow you to exhale, and feel a sense of hope and comfort: “Welcome to Canopy.”

Canopy Cancer Survivorship Center is a caring community of optimism, healing and empowerment, nestled on the campus of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center. A first-of-its-kind cancer survivorship center in the greater Houston area, Canopy enhances the quality of life for individuals affected by cancer and for those who support them during their journey. When you walk through the doors of Canopy, you are no longer fighting cancer alone. You are greeted with warmth, and the wisdom and compassion of so many who have battled cancer before you.

Every visitor to Canopy is referred to as a guest. Regardless of where a person is in their cancer journey, or where they may be receiving medical treatment – a patient, a long-time survivor, a friend, a relative, or a care provider – everyone is a guest at Canopy and welcome to receive support and services.

Canopy offers an average of over 50 programs every month to hundreds of the guests, and at no cost to the individuals receiving the services. Cancer treatment is costly, complex and time-consuming. Canopy eliminates barriers by providing all services free of cost, in one location, and by professionals who are knowledgeable about the cancer treatment spectrum. The unique variety of programming and services seamlessly work together to fulfill the wellness needs of the guests – emotionally, physically and socially.

Canopy operates solely on philanthropic funds. Community support is critical for Canopy to ensure that services and programs continue to be provided to the guests that need them the most.

Certainly, 2020 has been a year where we have all been encouraged to keep our distance. It’s become easy to feel disconnected and isolated, especially during the holiday season. This year, more than ever, we hope that people seek and find comfort at Canopy. We have some fun holiday activities planned for guests and their families virtually, and guests are always welcome to come by and visit us to see the Canopy Christmas tree and decorations, and to pick up their annual Christmas ornament that brings comfort to so many during the season.

Teresa Jarbor, a guest at Canopy, has used several of the programs and services, and thinks of it as a safe haven and second family, especially during the holidays. “During the holidays, it’s the chance to be with people that understand how you feel and celebrate another year. I’ve met so many people during this process,” she shared. “I’m going to miss the festivities and getting together. It was the support of being around other survivors that gave me so much encouragement – some of these women are 20-year survivors! I knew I was not alone, that’s what I love about Canopy. We are all survivors and fighters, together.”

Want to learn more about Canopy Cancer Survivorship Center? Interested in making a donation to help make programs and classes possible for community guests and cancer survivors? Simply visit or call 713.897.5939 to get started.


*All photos taken prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.