Safe Air Travel for the Holidays (and beyond!)

Commercial air travel has become more cumbersome and challenging in recent years due to additional safety measures, space constraints and shrinking amenities. The added complexities caused by the novel COVID-19 Pandemic have made private air travel all the more appealing this holiday season and beyond.

Wing Aviation mid-size cabin Citation Latitude taking off from the Conroe North Houston Regional Airport, with the Galaxy FBO facilities in the background.

A few of the notable advantages of flying Private vs Commercial are (and will always be):

  • Ability to fly directly to over five thousand public-use and private airports in United States, which may be closer to your departure point. There are over ten times more airport options to choose from compared to commercial airports. In addition, all airlines have modified their schedules, offering less direct flights out of Houston.
  • Fly on your own schedule; depart whenever you want and manage any delays or itinerary changes more efficiently.
  • You can select the right aircraft for the right mission; Wing Aviation features the largest Texas based Jet Charter Fleet; offering light-jet, mid-size cabin to large cabin options. Depending on your passenger size and destination, we can find the aircraft for your travel needs.
  • Spend less time at the airport – no check-ins, no baggage claims, no TSA security checkpoints – be in the air in minutes! Wing Aviation utilizes fixed base operations, such as the Galaxy FBO at the Conroe North Houston Regional Airport (CXO). As a result, you can be up in air, from your home in The Woodlands to the clear skies within 30 minutes. U.S. Customs at the CXO Airport make international arrivals seamless.

    Wing Aviation’s Embraer Legacy 600 Large Cabin Private jet offers ample seating for 13 passengers, with a transcontinental range.

    Perhaps most enticingly, flying private allows you to have the entire aircraft to yourself! A Washington Post article outlined how the airlines lack space, comparing a Boeing 737 fuselage to a typical New York apartment. While the Boeing 737 has been around since the 1960s, and has now adapted many next generation technical capabilities, this popular single aisle domestic airliner confines passengers to less than seven square feet of space.

    Wing Aviation offers the largest Gulfstream Jet Fleet for charter in Texas. These ultra-long range private jets are capable of going anywhere in North America or Europe non-stop.

Overall, chartering a private jet (or owning one), provides the optimal peace of mind and flexibility for your travel needs; for the holidays, 2021 and beyond!

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