The second installment in our Getting Fit For GGG series features community model and Interfaith of The Woodlands exceptional volunteer, Amy Torres. Amy and her husband Tony, and their three children moved to The Woodlands four years ago from Kansas City, Missouri. Amy jumped right in, getting involved at Interfaith and making a positive impact, serving as a chair of Giving Goes Glam on two separate occasions.
Here are the highlights from the fitness programs that Amy sampled on her quest to Get Fit for GGG:

Pure Barre

I started my fitness trials at the Classic Barre class at Pure Barre centrally located in Hughes Landing. I loved it. As a physical therapist, I know the importance of building the “foundation” muscles: abs, upper back, lower back and glute muscles. Although most exercises involved my full body, Pure Barre concentrated on the primary foundation muscle groups. I left there definitely sore but feeling longer and leaner.

Favorite Benefits:

  • Any fitness level can participate; always a way to increase the challenge or modify to make easier depending on one’s ability
  • I liked how they break down the class into stages: warm up, arms, thighs, glutes, abs, and stretch
  • The instructor walks around correcting technique to maximize workout and minimize injuries -was exhausted but felt longer abs, and leaner when I left


Next on my fitness circuit was the 30:30 class at DEFINE. The class included 30 minutes of spin and 30 minutes of barre. What a workout! The spin portion was not your typical spin class: The instructor, Gelena “G”, incorporated abs, arms and back exercises, which I thought was a nice addition. Just when I thought my lungs and legs couldn’t take anymore, we moved directly into barre work. The instructor was intentional about incorporating full-body exercises throughout and correcting my posture and alignment when I wasn’t doing something correctly. I was sweaty and exhausted at the end but I LOVE it, and I will definitely be back! I decided to stay for a yoga class after, and it was exactly what my tired muscles needed. Although we did heat the muscles up again, I was feeling so stretched out afterward that I was no longer sore.

Favorite Benefits:

  • I love that Define has a variety of different types of classes so you can change up your routine to avoid overuse and workout boredom
  • The instructor not only gave verbal but physical corrections by correcting alignment to decrease injury and maximize benefits
  • They have fantastic merchandise for purchase for both men and women. Great place to get gifts!

REACH Stretch Studio

My final fitness experience was with REACH Stretch Studio. I went in with a stiff neck from sleeping wrong and tight hamstrings from a tennis match the day before. My therapist took me through a quick evaluation and then got right to work. The stretches consisted of multiple repetitions of differing positions from my ankles to neck – always pushing to the point just before the discomfort point. I left feeling much looser and with less overall body pain. This therapy would be highly beneficial for anyone, including those who sit most of the day for work or for a competitive athlete.

  • Beautiful new studio, centrally located in The Woodlands
  • A knowledgeable therapist who personalized my session based on my individual needs
  • The appointment was quick- 30min sessions; therefore not hard to fit into my busy day
  • The after stretch hydration drink was an excellent way to finish

Amy Torres is a community model for the 2019 Giving Goes Glam Fashion Show and Luncheon. She will walk the runway on April 5, 2019, on behalf of Interfaith of The Woodlands. As a licensed physical therapist and active volunteer, she loves a good workout! She lives locally with her husband of 20 years, Tony and their three children. 



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