Just in time for spring, a new outdoor aerial adventure taking advantage of the beautiful, natural wooded setting of The Woodlands is set to open. The high ropes course, TreeVentures will offer nature lovers and thrill seekers alike an unparalleled physically and mentally challenging adventure up in the “canopy” of the trees.

Families, teens, scouts, and team building groups are all likely to find this a welcome addition to the numerous hiking and biking trails available in our area, several of which pass directly by the course. TreeVentures is not meant to be a quick trip, rather a destination excursion or a day trip, that will entice guests to stay and linger in the serene setting of The Woodlands after the 3-hour block on the course. Located on the campus of The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park, the course is nestled among 1,800 acres of the George Mitchell Nature Preserve. The location includes an entertaining wooden playground structure (free for families), and large picnic grounds complete with cornhole and horseshoe games.

Guests enter the course by crossing on an elevated boardwalk, check in and get fitted for the safety equipment at the treehouses, then head out on the four-story wooden structure complete with rope netting, 55-gallon drums, etc. Various levels of difficulty are presented as participants traverse a series of poles, cables, and other elements. The Woodlands Township has invested heavily in the safety features and training of the staff as well as the structure itself.  With a maximum capacity of 73, they are focused on the quality of the experience, rather than the number of individuals that come through the course. “Our goal is not to get as many people as we can into the park. We hope to provide an outstanding outdoor experience that will leave guests delighted and eager to return for another adventure,” shared Christopher Nunes, Director of Parks and Recreation, The Woodlands Township.

While they believe TreeVentures will be a local favorite for Woodlands residents, they are also hoping to use the park to lure visitors from other areas, “we are hoping to attract and extend the stay of visitors to the area. We see Tree Ventures as a potential new draw to the area that will benefit the businesses and the community as a whole due to additional tax revenue from visitors,” stated Nunes.

Texas TreeVentures is a wonderful embodiment of George Mitchell’s vision of blending nature with development for The Woodlands.  Don’t miss your chance to try out the course that is set to open this month!

Details :

Open Year-Round

Reservations Advised

Weight limit- 275 lbs


Cost- $40 online, $45 on-site (prices are discounted for younger children)

More details are available here:




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