The Perfect Summer Menu: Tuna Tatakai

In the heat of the summer, we are always on the quest for lighter fare. Known for tantalizing beef and grilled meat, Churrasco’s may not be top of mind when thinking of light cuisine. However, the South American–themed restaurant on the Waterway also offers superb light dishes.

Today we are highlighting Churrasco’s mouth-watering tuna tataki. Refreshing is the perfect description for their fantastic, Asian-inspired tuna tataki! It is no surprise that this brilliant dish ended up on The Book The Woodlands’ Perfect Summer Menu list. In fact, it is so light and refreshing, you may even have room for their famous Tres Leches dessert!

Tuna Tataki


  • Ahi tuna ceviche, ¾” cubes 5 oz
  • Citrus ponzu 2 Tbs
  • Guacamole 1 oz
  • Jalapeno mayonnaise 1 oz
  • Anguila sauce 1 oz
  • Sliced green onions 1 tsp
  • Fried onions 1 Tbs
  • Tostadas 1 ea


  1. In a bowl, add ahi tuna cubes and citrus ponzu.
  2. Place tostada in the center of a round plate.
  3. Spoon jalapeno mayo on to the tostada and spread, leaving ½ inch border.
  4. Spoon guacamole over jalapeno mayo and spread.
  5. Pile tuna cubes in center of tostada.
  6. Garnish tuna with crispy onions and drizzle anguila sauce over tostada (as in picture).
  7. Top with green onions.

Enjoy your tuna tataki, part of our Perfect Summer Menu.

Janelle Romano joined the Interfaith team in 2018. She is originally from the Midwest, but has lived on the East Coast and in Mexico. Janelle relocated to The Woodlands four years ago with her husband and three children and they now consider Texas home. She is a graduate of both Purdue and Southern Methodist University and enjoys spending time traveling with her family and giving back to the community.