Countdown to Giving: Day 4

Perfecting Your Holiday Smile!

If your smile isn’t all that you wish it were this holiday season, it can leave you lacking self-confidence and dreading those annual Christmas card photos.  Given the year we are finally leaving behind, one of the most important investments you can make in the new year is in your mental health. This includes your self-confidence. Dr. Scott Young can help build your confidence and self esteem by designing and creating the smile makeover you have always dreamed of. In just two simple visits, any imperfections you dislike about your smile can be permanently corrected.

Training and experience are paramount when it comes to creating natural, aesthetic smiles. Dr. Young has been a sought-after cosmetic dentist in The Woodlands and surrounding areas for over 17 years. He has completed tens of thousands of cosmetic restorations and brought back the self-confidence of thousands of patients from all around the country. Having trained at the world-renown Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), following graduation from The University of Texas Dental Branch, Dr. Young learned the most contemporary techniques and technologies offered in cosmetic dentistry and has since built upon that foundation for many years.

“Smiles by Dr. Young”

From all-porcelain veneers to full smile makeovers, single dental implants to full mouth restorations, the team at Scott Young, D.D.S. is trained and equipped to provide these procedures with the skill, technology and perfection you would expect from cosmetic dental professionals. Along with Dr. Katy Akers, a highly skilled board-certified periodontist, and Dr. Leah Zils, a long-time associate of the practice, your complete smile makeover can all be done under one roof. You can take comfort in knowing the dental professionals working on your case are all in the same office utilizing the same highly skilled team and state-of-the-art technology, without the necessity of visiting multiple offices for multiple appointments,

An amazing new feature that Dr. Scott Young now offers is virtual consults. With just a few clicks on your phone or computer and the submission of just a few selfie shots, Dr. Young will send you a personalized complimentary video discussing how he thinks he can improve your smile. In the age of digital technology and the demand for virtual visits, this service has been incredibly popular for those individuals who feel more comfortable consulting from home.

If you have been considering upgrading your smile, there is no better time than now. If you are searching for an exceptionally luxurious experience and unparalleled care, you can entrust your smile to Dr. Scott Young and team. Follow them on Instagram at @scottyoungdds or give them a call and get started today!

Scott Young, DDS
6769 Lake Woodlands Dr, Suite G
The Woodlands Texas 77382
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Philanthropy, Fashion, and Fitness: Gearing Up for GGG!

I am so excited to be walking the runway as a community model for Giving Goes Glam next month. I believe the foundation of every fashionable ensemble begins with fitness—a blended balance of physical and mental wellness.

Our inner strength shines through in everything we wear and how we interact with others, so when I began this fitness journey, I decided my goal would be increasing my confidence. I’m happy to report visiting the following fitness studios provided me with an opportunity to reach that goal a thousand times over!


Wicked Core:

Low Impact, Mega Sculpting

The Wicked Core studio is based on the large fitness method which combines strength-training, Pilates, and cardio. At the start of each class, each participant selects a mega-reformer machine for the 45-minute workout. Deb, our instructor, was a motivating machine! Throughout the entire class, she was our champion—cheerleading, checking each person’s form, and offering modified versions of each exercise.

I love that Wicked Core is a low impact, yet high-intensity program. The focus is to use slow and deliberate movements to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. You can feel the burn, irrefutable proof that you are challenging your body to change. At times, I even felt my muscles twitch (in a good way, lol!). In fact, one of the Wicked Core mottos is “Embrace the Shake!”

What is extremely unique about Wicked Core is the vast array of exercises that can be performed on the mega-reformer. A participant in my session shared that she had attended over 100 classes and found each to be unique and challenging. This is exciting news for me because my body easily adapts to workouts. It’s critical for me to change my routine if I am looking to trim down, firm up, or simply build my endurance.

What I Love About Wicked Core:

  • It’s beginner friendly! It takes no time at all learn to adjust to using the mega-reformer.
  • Wicked Core has two locations: Creekside and Spring Creek. Your membership includes access to both!
  • The Wicked Core App makes it easy to select the class that best suits your schedule.
  • The variety in exercises, instructors, as well as modifications to decrease/increase intensity = you and your body, will never get bored.



 Personal Goals, Group Support 

Located in the heart of The Woodlands, Orangetheory fitness studio seamlessly combines personalized coaching in a supportive group atmosphere. From the moment I booked my initial class, my personalizedprogram began—I received a call from my Coach Jessica welcoming me to the studio!  First timers are asked to arrive a few minutes prior tothe start of their first class for a complimentary program tutorial. Jessica created a workout program based on my fitness goals and taught me how to operate the three stations used in class: treadmills, rowing machines, and the weight room. While working out, my performance was trackedwith color-coded heart rate technology. Every participant’s first name and heart rate, and zone color appeared on a big TV screen in the fitness area– along with every other class participant. The colors correspond with your workout intensity as follows:

  • Blue zone: the living is easy
  • Green zone: trying but not dying
  • Orange zone: challenging and uncomfortable
  • Red zone: all-outmax!

The “theory” behind Orangetheory Fitness is that if you spend 12 collective minutes in orange or red zones during class, you’ll reach the threshold for an afterburn effect, where you “keep burning” additional calories for a day after the workout.

What I Love About Orangetheory:

  • The ability to create a personalized program based on specific fitness goals.
  • The Orangetheory heart rate monitor is a visual reminder to try your best.
  • The positivity from the trainer and class participants created a cohesive atmosphere. We’re all rooting for each other to make it to “orange”!
  • It’s fast and efficient–you get an amazingworkout done in an hour.


RIDE: Indoor Cycling

Sheer Excitement, Cycling Bliss

From the moment I walked through the door of RIDE, I felt like a member of their tribe.

The staff members and Ambassadors led the check-in process, greeting everyone by name and at times referencing a detail from the participant’s last studio visit. You immediately got the sense that they knew their people—and wanted you to become one of them!

Rideis a rhythm-based indoor cycling studio. Each class features a curated playlist with various beats per minute and aligns with the principles of high-intensityinterval training (HIIT) which trains different muscle groups and switches between fat burn, endurance, and metabolic conditioning. HIIT produces an “afterburn” effect – allowing your body to continue to burn calories after you have completed your workout.

There are a variety of classes on the weekly schedule to select from, including themed “rides” like Hip Hop Hump Day, Rodeo, Drake vs. Travis Scott, All The Feels Friday, and more.

Each participant must wear cycling shoes with either SPD or LOOK Delta cleats. If you are like me and do not own a pair, no worries, shoes are available to rent at the front desk. After check-in, each cyclist places their personal belongings in a locker and heads to the studio. Staff members are on-hand to help with making adjustments to your seat, handlebars, and to helpyou snap your shoes onto the pedals. I was also pleased to find that in advance each bike had been draped with clean towels and dumbbellsfor the arm workout. These may seem like small details, but I reallylike how they removed the guesswork and setup for locating all the extras. We were able to get straight to our workout. A+ client service!

My class was on a special day—my instructor Taryn’s birthday! Taryn was an amazinginstructor, andher love for spinwas infectious. I honestly did not think I would be able to pick up the skills required to have a dance party on the bike, especially in the first class. However, the music selection, instruction, and soft DJ style ambient lighting makeit easy for riders to feel the beat.

What I Love About RIDE:

  • Neither spin class experience or a sense of rhythm is required. Seriously, don’t be scared. As a matter of fact, Ride is a great way to learn those skills.
  • Great location in Hughes Landing! Easyparking and great places to hang out before or after class. (Yes, after class! There is a dedicated shower for use at the studio).
  • The sessions are so engaging and interactive; Ride does not feel like exercise; it’sjust fun. I could not believe I was in the studio for 45 minutes!
  • The company culture is amazing. The staff works as a cohesive unit, andother members are genuinely kind.

-Perisha Burnham

Perisha has lived in The Woodlands with her husband and two children for five years. She has a passion for community service and enjoys volunteering with several local charities and organizations. Perisha will be representing the Junior League of The Woodlands on April 5, 2019, as a community model for Giving Goes Glam.