Countdown to Giving: Day 3

Students Spread Cheer and Make an Impact with Operation Christmas Child

NJHS and NHS students at The Woodlands Christian Academy, in keeping with the school’s mission and vision, led the way in organizing a massive school-wide fundraiser in support of Operation Christmas Child. An initiative of Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child is an annual campaign responsible for mailing shoeboxes to thousands of underprivileged young people around the world.

NJHS students hosted a donation collection drive, calling on the entire student body to participate. Donations included everyday essentials — toothbrushes, socks, bar soap — as well as school supplies and age-appropriate toys — crayons, coloring books, and Play-doh — in an effort to give these children practical items as well as something to smile about during the holiday season. All students in Pre-K through 12th grade participated in assembling the shoe boxes. Donations made toward an on-campus car wash and spirit nights at local restaurants helped support the $9 shipping cost incurred for each box.

Middle school teacher and NJHS club sponsor, Jennifer Russell identified opportunities for students to learn valuable lessons in servant leadership, global citizenship and empathy, and to truly grasp the hardships recipients of the boxes could be facing on a daily basis. For example, lessons in sustainability were introduced with the instruction to remove all plastic casings from the products as many communities around the world would not have a place to dispose of the wrappers. Middle school and high school students were told to imagine what life might look like for the recipient of their shoebox, how they were similarly a child with hopes and dreams, then write a letter to that child.


In total, students at Woodlands Christian packaged 607 shoeboxes. These will be distributed worldwide at outreach events where children will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel message and join a discipleship program. Every year, thousands of churches are started as a result of Operation Christmas Child. Who knew one small act of giving could have such large and lasting implications?


Established in 1993, The Woodlands Christian Academy is a PreK – 12th grade college preparatory school that integrates learning with biblical faith and challenges students to reach their highest potential – spiritually, academically, physically and socially. The school is committed to raising servant leaders who will impact their world for Christ.

Woodlands Christian offers a rigorous academic program with an individualized teaching approach. Small class sizes and a large campus make social distancing possible. Woodlands Christian is now enrolling grades PreK – 12th for the 2021-2022 school year. For more information visit

Countdown to Giving: Day 12

Staying Safe on the Road this Holiday Season &
The Top 10 Most Asked for Safety Features in an Automobile Today

Safety is top of mind now more than ever. When you and your family head out to your car for a road trip this holiday season, make sure to grab your mask, hand sanitizer and do a Road Ready Safety Check.

Safety Check:

  • Tires: Proper tire pressure equals better fuel economy, longer lasting tires and a safer, more comfortable ride. You can usually find the proper tire pressure for your vehicle in the Owner’s Manual or on the sticker located inside the driver’s door. If you’re driving to a cooler climate, keep in mind that dips in temperature can trigger a tire pressure warning light, because the air molecules inside the tire shrink in cold temperatures. A Tire Pressure Monitor Display can even tell you which tire is too low, making for a quicker maintenance stop.
  • Windshield wipers: Clean wipers give you a clean windshield. Old wiper blades can become dry and develop ragged edges, leaving behind streaks and blocking your view of the road, other vehicles and potential obstacles. Make sure to have them serviced at regular intervals, typically every six months and checked or replaced before a long trip.
  • Top off all fluids: Head to your dealership to make sure your vehicle is up to date on its oil change and maintenance program. If you are due for service soon, you may want to get it taken care of before you add too many more miles on your trip.

Be Road Ready:

  • Don’t forget to fill up with the correct fuel for your vehicle the night before your trip. Then you can rise and shine and hit the road!
  • Make sure you have any phone or tablet chargers and cords that you may need for connectivity on your journey.
  • Organize your music, playlists and audio books before you depart. Practice the voice commands that operate your infotainment system so you can easily “tune to” a radio station or say things like “launch Spotify” with your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
  • Have hand-wipes, napkins and tissues at the ready for any road trip snacks that you might not be able to resist.
  • For more tips on traveling during the pandemic we like this Consumer Reports article:

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle before your big trip check out these Top 10 Most Asked for Safety Features:

  1. Backup Camera: A must have on any vehicle for better visibility.
  2. 360 Camera Monitor System: Taking visibility to the next level, this advanced camera system lets you see all around the vehicle. This type of system uses cameras at the front and rear of the vehicle, but also under each side mirror for a birds-eye view. Very handy at high curbs, parking in tight spots or coming up behind another vehicle in heavy traffic.
  3. Parking Sensors with Auto Braking: Get notified by the system when you are too close to a solid object in range of the sensors, then get additional braking support to try to avoid the object.
  4. Blind Spot Monitor: Looks into the blind spot on both sides of the vehicle.
  5. Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Notifies the driver of rear crossing traffic when you are in reverse.
  6. Lane Keep Assist: Helps keep you in your lane and notify you if you have an unintended lane departure.
  7. Pre Collision System: Using cameras and sensors to engage advanced safety systems to mitigate a potential accident.
  8. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: Set your speed and a following distance to have a more peaceful drive, even in Houston traffic.
  9. Apple Car Play*/Android Auto*: Connect popular apps and features like Siri or Google Assistant for calls, texting, entertainment and even navigation apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze right on your car’s multimedia display. (Phone and operating system specific).
  10. Easy to Use Voice Commands: Tune to radio stations, make calls, send texts, launch apps, set the temperature in your vehicle and even navigate to your next destination all with simple voice commands.

And don’t forget that BIG RED bow!

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